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Avro Health are a leader in the production of high quality medical devices, for use at home, on the go, in medical settings, or just about anywhere!

Avro Health

Discover our range, with all products backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Avro has the technology and the products available for anyone to be able to keep on top of their vitals anytime, anywhere.

Be it checking one's blood pressure at home, oxygen levels whilst hiking a mountain or temperature when feeling off colour on a flight, we have the devices to lessen the load on doctors' surgeries and walk-in hospital departments.

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A 100% Natural energy drink with added botanical ingredients.

ROKiT Fuel is a delicious sparkling Lychee & Passion Fruit energy drink. Made with 100% natural ingredients, enjoyed straight from the can or as a mixer, this refreshing energy drink contains zero fat, zero salt and is only 42cKal.

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