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ROKiT Fuel Tray of 24 x 250ml cans

ROKiT Fuel Tray of 24 x 250ml cans

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ROKiT Fuel All Natural & Botanical, Vegan Certified Energy Drink

81% of consumers consider energy drinks as artificial and full of unnatural ingredients.

In a changing World, our energy drink meets the demand for 100% pure botanical ingredients and is Vegan friendly. The sparkling Lychee and Passion fruit flavour contains zero fat, zero salt and is only 42kcal. Great when on the go, over ice and as a perfect mixer with Gin or Vodka.


Nutritional Value per 100ml

Energy 42kcal / 177kJ
Fat 0g
Saturates 0g
Carbohydrate 10.2g
Sugars 10.2g
Protein 0g Salt 0g

Perfect for the gym, BBQ’s outdoor gathering, house parties, nights out and movie with a cheeky Gin or Vodka mixer nights in 🙂.

ROKiT Fuel is supplied boxed in a sealed pack with x 24 Cans per pack.



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ROKiT Fuel Natural Energy was created as a product to appeal to those who have never drunk an energy drink before, as well as those who have out-grown the concept of the mass marketed energy drinks. These only deliver a chemically induced ‘hit’ that produces excessive synthetic caffeine, sugars and laboratory produced ingredients.

With an overwhelming choice of energy drinks now available to the consumer worldwide, we are now all becoming very aware of just how damaging some of these mainstream brands are to your health. In particular, the market is currently dominated by Red Bull and Monster, who head-up the fast growing male orientated Energy drinks market, now worth a staggering $53 billion globally.

We have positioned the NEW ROKiT Fuel Natural Energy drink to by-pass the established main brands as ‘The Intelligent Alternative’ to chemically-enhanced energy drinks and our ROKiT Fuel Natural Energy drink is competitively priced with the leading mainstream brands.

With a mandate to 'Build the Mega Brands of Tomorrow, Today', ROKiT Drinks have sourced and developed an exceptional portfolio of some of the finest global brands available, offering consumers superb quality and exceptional value. From premium beers and the finest distilled spirits, to mineral-rich bottled water and of course our new 100% Natural Energy drink - ROKiT FUEL.